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Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of this agreement the term "subscription" should be taken to refer to the schedule of payments made by you, the “user”. The term “account” refers to the personal information that are stored and the application of our submission and promotional efforts on your behalf.

1. Your Account

1.1 Creation – Account creation and activation is subject to the receipt of appropriate payment.

1.2 Payment – The Impact Designers search engine submission and promotion service costs INR 4600 per month. Initial billing is submitted upon the completion of the signup process, at which point recurring billing is initiated. All future billings will be submitted on the original signup date in all future months. Prices are subject to change; however, you will be notified with 30 days notice, via your supplied contact email address, of any such changes before they go into effect, and you will be given the opportunity to cancel your subscription should you so wish.

1.3 Duration – Your account will remain active from the point of account creation to the point at which your account is cancelled in accordance with any of the points detailed in Section 2 (Account Termination).

2. Account Termination

Your account will be terminated under any of the following conditions:

2.1 Subscription Cancellation – You may cancel your subscription at any time by sending us an email with your account information to Please allow two full business days from the point at which your cancellation request is submitted for the request to be processed, at which point all future billings to your account are terminated. Specifically, to be sure to avoid a future billing, you will need to request cancellation of your account two (2) days before your next date of submission and billing. Please note that the terms "monthly” apply only to the relevant periods in the payment schedule, and not to the length of time which accounts will remain open for. Accounts will be closed upon request for cancellation, regardless of the point in the payment cycle at which this occurs.

2.2 Subscription Failure – If a due subscription payment fails to be made, your account may be closed. Potential reasons for subscription payments failing include the card number changing, the card expiring, your billing address having changed, or having insufficient funds available. You can update your billing information at any time by calling us at (+91) 9328 288 277, emailing us at with your updated information. In the case that we are unable to authorize a charge, our payment system will continue to attempt charging your card each day. You may receive a warning email that your account will be suspended if authorization cannot be achieved which encloses directions on the methods to rectify the situation and provide us with updated billing information, if necessary. After this point, your account may be terminated within a specified period of time.

3. Acceptable Use of Service

3.1 - It is the responsibility of our users to create, maintain and police the content of their websites, including obeying all local, regional and national laws. Sites found in violation of any laws may be removed from the Impact Designers service at any time without notice or refund. If you have questions about the acceptable use of the Impact Designers service, please contact us through email at to inquire. Impact Designers, cannot be held liable or accountable for content on user's sites.

3.2 - Due to policies set forth by the major search engines, Impact Designers does not accept sites that fall into the following categores: site that promote or facilitate online gambling; sites that promote or facilitate copyright violations; site that sell prescription medication; site that sell fake or replica products; site that sell guns and ammunition.

4. Refunds Policy

Per the Impact Designers Guarantee, the refund policy of Impact Designers is bound by the following conditions:

4.1 - Refunds will be provided if your site is not listed in the sponsored links of Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista and the other guaranteed express search engines within two full business days of your order being processed, which will occur within 24 hours of your order being submitted. If we are unable to show you evidence that your search engine listings are showing up in the above-mentioned search engines within the above-stated time-frame, then you are entitled to a full refund of the original INR 4600 fee, unless condition (4.2) applies.

4.2 - After 30 days of service, if the guarantee in (4.1) is not met and brought to our attention, only the first month's fee will be refunded.

4.3 - We provide no other explicit guarantees regarding results from our service. Specifically, we provide no guarantees as to hits, rankings or other metrics.

4.4 - Refunds may be provided in other cases where the company management determines that there has been a failure on the part of Impact Designers to fulfill the terms of this agreement, and are granted on a case-by-case basis.

4.2 - Impact Designers accepts sites of an adult nature. However, due to varying rules and requirements by the search engines, we are unable to extend our guarantee of 48-hour listings to adult-related sites.

5. Optimization Service

5.1 Description - In addition to our standard Impact Designers Submission and Promotion service, Impact Designers offers an optional Search Engine Optimization service, which involves us downloading your home page, updating the page’s title, meta-tags and other behind-the-scenes information to be better indexed and ranked by the search engines, and sending you before and after analysis pages as well as an updated version of your home page. It is the responsibility of you to determine if you have the access or ability to upload this newly optimized page to your web site. Though we will assist in the uploading process if we are provided with the necessary FTP information, we are in no way responsible, nor will refunds be provided, if you are unable to upload the newly optimized page, due to reasons of lack of FTP access, integration to a database-driven site, inability to receive the email attachments or other issues. More details about our seo service can be obtained by clicking here.

5.2 Refunds – Refunds will not be provided for any reason once the optimization service has been performed and the confirmation email has been sent to you. There are no guarantees as to the benefits of optimization, as results will vary widely from site to site.

6. Updates to the Impact Designers Terms & Conditions

6.1 - These terms and conditions are subject to change, and may be modified by Impact Designers at any time.


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