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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickList? Why do I need QuickList? What makes QuickList special?
QuickList is a unique, effective and affordable search engine marketing service. Quicklist gets your site listed in the biggest search engines, including Google, Yahoo, AOL and Ask, in just 48 hours, and many times in the same business day. You pay no per-click charges; there are no contracts. It is a completely turn-key service; Impact Designers creates your ad titles, description and keywords.
Who is Impact Designers? How qualified is Impact Designers? Where are you located?
Impact Designers is partnered with global leading firms in search engine marketing that have helped over 10,000 clients in over 50 countries achieve their search engine marketing needs since 2001. We are a Google Qualified Company, A Yahoo Ambassador, and a member of the Better Business Bureau. Impact Designers is located in Mumbai, India.
How much does QuickList cost? How can I pay for it?
The QuickList service costs INR 4600 per month. You can pay for the service using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You also have the option to prepay for three or more months of service via check, money order, Western Union or wire transfer.
Are there any hidden fees or per-click charges? What's the catch?
Nope! You pay nothing beyond the basic monthly fee. You will never be charged from Google or Yahoo, as we build these costs into our service directly.
What will my rankings be? How many clicks will I get?
There is no way we can guarantee any particular positioning or number of clicks, sales or other metrics. Nonetheless, we are confident in the quality of our services. And if you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.
This is great, but how can I get more results?
QuickList is the most affordable of Impact Designers' suite of search engine marketing offerings. If you want to grow your search marketing campaign, we have other services and resources to help. From full-service PPC Management to Search Engine Optimization services and more, Impact Designers has the solution for your business.
Can I change my information once I sign up?
Absolutely! You can change your web site URL, title, description or keywords at any time.
Are there any contracts? How do I cancel?
No! There are no contracts whatsoever with the QuickList service. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel with no questions asked whatsoever.
I already use PPC or Google AdWords. Will this affect Impact Designers services?
The QuickList service creates and manages sponsored links via AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing on your behalf. You can add value by choosing different keywords for the QuickList service than are currently run in your own campaigns; however, if you already run a paid search campaign, you will probably find that our expert PPC Management service is a better fit for your needs.
Will I show up in the organic results? How long will it take?
In addition to the sponsored links that we maintain on your behalf, we perform genuine hand submissions of your web site to Google, Yahoo! And MSN. However, it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to see your listing in the organic results on the search engines. Impact Designers is unable to guarantee the time frame or results of any specific listing.
Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for multiple sign-ups. For 3-5 URL's, a 20% discount, for 6-10 URL's, a 25% discount, and for 11 or more URL's, a 30% discount. For assistance with obtaining these discounts, or to enquire about submitting more than 50 web sites at once, please email us at

QuickList Myths Debunked
QuickList should guarantee my rankings, clicks or positioning.
Some companies promise a set number of clicks or hits; these are usually based on a huge mark-up on a cost-per-click basis and the QuickList program is nearly always more effective. For exact rankings, either in the organic or sponsored links, no ethical firm should ever make specific promises to this sort of positioning ("top 10 rankings", etc), because there is no way to guarantee. The bottom line is that you should judge your search engine marketing results on just that: your results. What truly matters are sales, leads or phone calls, not hit numbers or rankings.
It is not necessary to keep submitting web sites to the search engines.
This is true for the natural or organic results. However, once you are initially indexed by the search engines, they will continue to re-visit your site to note the changes to it, without needing to request re-submission. The QuickList service is different. The links we maintain on an ongoing basis for you are sponsored links, which require ongoing management; this management, and the cost associated with it, are included in the monthly QuickList cost.
I can already see myself in the search engines, so I don't need QuickList.
If your site is already indexed by the search engines, that is a great start, but being found under the keywords for the products and services you offer is how you actively drive new sales or leads. This is what the QuickList service is all about.

The QuickList Dictionary
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Also known as "sponsored links" or "paid search", these are the text ads located on the top and bottom of the right hand side of the search results pages of nearly every major search engine. Each time a web searcher clicks one of these links, the advertiser pays the search engines, from $.01 to $10 or more (the average is around $1-2 per click for positioning on the top of the page.)
Organic Rankings
Also known as "natural" rankings, these are the search results that are meant to be the most relevant results to the search query in question. Unlike PPC, you cannot control where you show up, and you do not pay each time a user clicks on the link. The rankings are based on hundreds of factors, including the content on the site, the links from other sites, the age of the site and much more. Also unlike sponsored links, these rankings can take years to achieve, and incumbent sites have a huge advantage over newcomers.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is the process of increasing a web site's organic rankings. The process is complex and time-consuming, and includes improving web site usability, content building, link building, social media and much more.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing is the broad term that encompasses all efforts with regard to achieving leads and sales from the search engines: PPC Management, SEO, landing page optimization all generally all under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing, though the phrase is used quite liberally and in a variety of contexts.
Search Engine Submission (SES)
Search Engine Submission refers to the act of telling ("submitting") the search engine that a website exists; it is basically a request for the search engine to visit, index and rank the site according to relevant keywords. Several years ago, with hundreds of search engines competing for market share, it was a valuable service on its own. More recently, Search Engine Submission is a very small part of a Search Engine Marketing effort.
An Impression
Used generally when referring to Pay-Per-Click campaigns, an impression refers to when your ad is shown on a search results page after being triggered by a user's search query.
A Hit
A hit is a single view of a web page, web image or file.
A Click
A click generally refers to a search engine campaign, where a click would indicate that a user clicked on an ad or listing and was delivered to a website. Thus, a click on an ad results in a hit or a visitor to a web site.
A Unique Visitor
A unique visitor is a count of the number of distinct IP addresses that have accessed a web page or web site in a period of time. So in a given month, a web site may have 1,000 visits and 600 unique visitors, indicating that some of those 600 unique visitors visited the site more than once, totaling 1,000 visits in total.
A page view
A page view is a single page being viewed a single time by a single IP address. Thus, one unique visitor resulting from one click could explore a website, visit ten pages and tally 10 page views.
A conversion
A conversion is a measurable goal achieved on a web site. This will vary from site to site. It could be a sale transacted, a form filled out, or a phone call made to the company. A conversion is the most important metric, because it is directly related to revenue generated for the business.
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